Q & A For Our Professional Angle Grinder

What should we do to stop the disc from falling apart?

Use your grinder with guarding
Do not use oversized discs
Always try to inspect the cutting wheel before the operation to make sure there are no cracks on that.

Which safety gears should we use while grinding?

it is highly recommended to use a pair of earplugs to protect your ears against the grinding noise and prevent your ears from ringing during the day. Besides, flying sparks are the essence of grinding and somehow show the quality of that. So, if you do not want to suffer eye injury afterward and avoid getting burnt, you have to use a full-face shield, long sleeves, and safety gloves while grinding.

which purposes angle grinders are used for?

Angle grinders serve the users in different ways, including cutting, cleaning, and removing paint and rust and also sharpening.

In which angles should we grind for each purpose?

For surface grinding, use the flat part of the wheel and maintain the tool at about 30 °-40 ° from horizontal, and keep moving it back and forth. Edge grinding should be tackled straight on without bending. Sanding needs a wired brush to be carried out, and also we have to keep the tool in 5 °-10 ° from horizontal, in a way that the disc doesn’t come into contact with the work surface considerably.

For what reason a maximum speed is written on the disc?

The maximum speed of the accessory should match or exceed the maximum speed of the grinding machine you intend to use. If the rated speed of the accessory is lower than your grinder, there is a risk that the disc will fly apart.1-45-1536x1024

Post time: Dec-14-2020