• How does the power tool industry quickly occupy the commanding heights of the market

    How does the power tool industry quickly occupy the commanding heights of the market

    By the foreign trade market recession forced successively, many hardware electric tools production enterprises and dealers began transformation strategy, began to focus on domestic hardware power tools market exploration and innovation, and some itself to power tools companies and businesses of t...
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  • Hardware tools in China

    Hardware tools in China

    Hardware tools, including various hand tools, electric power tools, electric garden tools,air  tools, measuring tools, cutting tools, tool machinery, tool accessories, etc.  Most of the power tools,garden tools sold in the world are produced and exported from China. China has become the world’s m...
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  • How to take care of your power tools

    If you’re a professional user, power tools are the essential tools for your everyday life. Your tools are your most precious property. They are what make your life easier. If you do not take care of your power tools, after a while your tools will begin to show signs of deterioration. Power tools ...
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  • What is a power drill used for?How to Use a Corded Power Drill?

    What is a power drill used for? A corded power drill is commonly used for drilling and driving. You can drill into different materials, such as wood, stone, metal, etc. and you can also drive a fastener (a screw) into different materials as mentioned before. This should be accomplished by gently ...
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  • Saw teeth

    Why are they important? An important industrial factory is to know the relation between the teeth and the workpiece. If you have experience in woodworking or any other related applications, you have seen how the wrong tool can damage the material or even lead the tool itself to break sooner. So, ...
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  • Drill Chuck

    A drill chuck is a special clamp that is used for holding the rotating bit; because of this, sometimes it is called the bit holder. In drills, chucks usually have several jaws to secure the bit. In some models, you need a chuck key to loosen or tighten the chuck, these are called keyed chucks. In...
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  • What is the correct way to use an electric hammer?

    Correct use of electric hammer 1. Personal protection when using electric hammer 1. The operator should wear protective glasses to protect the eyes. When working with the face up, wear a protective mask. 2. Earplugs should be plugged during long-term operation to reduce the impact of noise. 3. Th...
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  • Safety operation rules for electric tools

    1. The single-phase power cord of mobile electric ideas and hand-held power tools must use three-core soft rubber cable, and the three-phase power cord must use four-core rubber cable; when wiring, the cable sheath should go into the junction box of the device And be fixed. 2. Check the following...
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  • 20V Cordless 18 Gauge Nailer / Stapler

    Nowadays, staple guns are used in various jobs, from woodworking to making furniture and carpeting the floor. Tiankon 20V cordless 18 Gauge Nailer/Stapler is an extremely easy-to-use cordless tool since you do not have to place a lot of force on the tool to work with it. With its ergonomic handle...
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  • 20V Cordless Dry & Wet Vacuum Cleaner

    You arrive at home after a long road trip, park your car in the garage and go straight to bed to rest and get your strength back. The next day, you wake up, put on your work clothes and get ready to get back to the office. You open your car’s door and then, you see it. The car is absolutely rubbi...
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  • Types of cordless drills / screwdrivers

    There are various types of cordless drills for different applications. Cordless drill-driver The most common type of cordless drills is cordless drill-drivers. These cordless tools function both as a drill and a screwdriver. By changing the bit of a cordless drill-driver, you can easily ch...
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  • Cordless Gardening Tools

    Gardening is one the most enjoyable activities around the world. And like many other professional activities, it requires professional tools. However, the possibility of finding a source of electricity in a garden is really low. If you want to work with electric-powered tools in your garden, you ...
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