How cordless drills / screwdrivers work?



Every drill has a motor that generates power for drilling. By pressing a key, the motor turns electric power into rotational force in order to turn the chuck and then, the bit.


Chuck is a primary part in drills. Drill chucks usually have three jaws to secure the bit as a bit holder. Generally, there are two types of chucks, the keyed drill chuck and the keyless drill chuck. As the name indicates, a keyed drill chuck requires a key to operate. You need to put a wrench-like key in the chuck’s key hole to be able to fasten or loosen the chuck in order put the bit in the drill. On the other hand, a keyless drill chuck does not require a key for tightening and loosening. You can put the bit in the center of the chuck and press the drill’s key to tighten the chuck. So, if you are you are using different bits while working on a project, a keyless chuck drill is your best friend, since it is faster and easier to use. All cordless drills / screwdrivers use keyless chucks.


The rotating bit can do more than just drilling through soft or hard material and making holes. Because of this, Tiankon has designed different bits to make the most out of this function. These bits are varied in shapes and functions. Power bits are a type of bits which are used for screwing and unscrewing bolts and screws. Others might be used for grinding softer workpieces or making bigger holes.

Post time: Dec-03-2020