Cordless Saws

Cordless Saws

Cutting is one of the primary actions in building. You probably need to cut a piece of material if you are building anything from scratch. This is why saws have been invented. Saws have been developing for many years and nowadays, they are being manufactured in various styles for different applications. One of the most practical type of saws are the cordless saws. With its world-class quality, Tiankon designs and produces these cordless tools to provide you with a great cutting experience.

Jigsaws & Reciprocating Saws

Jigsaws are mostly used for cutting workpieces vertically. These useful saws can be used on different material. Whether you want to cut straight lines on a wood piece or cut curves in a plastic sheet, cordless jigsaws can be extremely helpful, especially because the cable does not get in the way.  Sometimes, changing the blade in jigsaws can take a lot of time because they need special keys or wrenches. But with the Tiankon cordless jigsaw, you can change an old blade with a fresh one just by snapping it into the tool.
A reciprocating saw is a lot like a jigsaw, they both cut with the push and pull motion of the blade. The difference is that with a reciprocating saw, you can cut at various and unusual angles.

Cordless Circular Saws & Miter Saws

Unlike the previous type, circular saws have circle-shaped blades and they cut using a rotary motion. These cordless tools are super-fast and can make straight and precise cuts. Cordless circular saws can become extremely practical on construction sites as they are really easy to transport. With this cordless tool, you can cut several materials with varying length. But one thing that you should never forget when cutting with a circular saw is that the depth of the workpiece should not exceed the depth of the blade’s diameter.
A miter saw is a specific type of circular saw. This functional cordless tool (also known as chop saws) allows you to cut workpieces at a specific angle and make crosscuts.

Post time: Dec-03-2020