CIRCULAR SAWS: Tips on Choosing One You’ll Love

The lesson here is that good experiences lead to confidence, and confidence leads to success. Hand-held circular saws open a wide range of home improvement possibilities. That’s why they’re a workhorse tool in the trade. The trick is to come to the right decision about tool choice as a homeowner. I believe that one of the reasons hand-held circular saws aren’t always well liked in do-it-yourself circles is that so many homeowners choose cheap, trouble-prone saws. If you think you need a circular saw, you need a good one. And this means more than just an economy model.

Regardless of the saw design you choose, the cost of the tool really is forgotten long after quality continues to be enjoyed. Wear safety glasses and hearing protection when using the saw, take your time with each cut and have someone else hold your workpiece on something solid while you gain skill with your first few cuts. That’s the approach Norm took and now he’s got a strong new roof and a lot more confidence.

Post time: Sep-27-2022